MENU / SALADS Seyyah Han Restaurant and Cafe is open daily for breakfast lunch and dinner for you to indulge in our traditional Turkish and local Cappadocian fare. We offer a delicious and inexpensive menu for you to enjoy in the comfort of our Cafe and Restaurant or upstairs in the outdoor terrace.

Çoban Salata / Shepherd Salad

Description :Onion,cucumber,tomato,peppers

Tuna Salad

Description :Lettuce,corn and tuna

Garden Salad

Description :Mixed Leaves and tomato

Mevsim Salata / Seasonal Salad

Description :Mixed lettuce,red cabbage,carrots

  • Onion,cucumber,tomato,peppers
  • Lettuce,corn and tuna
  • Mixed Leaves and tomato
  • Mixed lettuce,red cabbage,carrots