MENU/STARTERS (MEZE) History tells us appetizers (meze) originated in spread throughout Turkey and beyond as the Ottoman Empire expanded. Today it is a way of living and eating, sharing all. including breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast we drink tea. for lunch we drink ayran (a chilled yoghurt drink). As the sun goes down we drink raki or beer, or a glass of delicious wine. Times have changed!

Mixed Meze Plate

Description :4 kind of meze


Description :Tomato,Onion,Tomato paste and Pepper paste


Description :Spread made of yogurt mixed with dill


Description :Chickpeas,Tahini,Sugar,Salt and Lemon

Yaprak Sarma

Description :Grape leaves stuffed with rice

Patlıcan Salatası

Description :Eggplant salad

  • 4 kind of meze
  • Tomato,Onion,Tomato paste and Pepper paste
  • Spread made of yogurt mixed with dill
  • Chickpeas,Tahini,Sugar,Salt and Lemon
  • Grape leaves stuffed with rice
  • Eggplant salad